How does the SmogHog work ?

A SmogHog uses Electrostatic Precipitator Technology (ESP) which electrically charges both large and microscopic contaminants, strips them from the air stream and collects them on the grounded collection plates.

The discharge leaves virtually no oil mist, grease or hazardous particles releasing only clean air.

The clean air is then passed through a carbon filter or treated with Ozone to remove any odour.

Typical Industries:

Where do you use a SmogHog ?

Commercial Kitchens to remove Smoke , Oil Mist and Grease from the cooking process.

Various Industrial Applications to remove airborne pollutants generated by the industrial process in the form of dust, fumes, vapours and mists to create a clean and safe breathing environment.

How does the Smokeeter work ?

The Smokeeter works the same as the SmogHog but uses a smaller ESP which is optimised to remove tobacco smoke and other airborne contaminants.

The Smokeeter has its own fan. Hazardous airborne particles are drawn into the Smokeeter. The ESP captures these airborne contaminants.

Then an activated carbon filter removes the odour and the clean fresh air is then re-circulated back into the room.

Where do you use a Smokeeter ?

The most common application is a Club or Bar with a gaming room that allows smoking or has a smoking area.

It will remove the smoke from the immediate environment but will also stop smoke moving to other non smoking areas when doors are opened.

Is an ESP a filter ?

Unlike a barrier filter which blocks and has to be disposed of, the ESP ensures constant air flow while removing contaminants. It is a re-usable filter system that can be cleaned and can last many years.

How does the DustHog work ?

A DustHog uses an advanced Nanofibre Filter cartridge( or multiple cartridges ) to trap dust generated by the industrial application.

To further extend the life of the element ( or elements ) they are cleaned with a patented air pulse cleaning system where dirt falls from the element to a collection bin below.

Pulse Cleaning can be set to be time-driven or a pre-determined element differential pressure.

Elements are only changed when the pulse cleaning can no longer reduce the pressure differential.

Where do you use a DustHog ?

The DustHog can be used in any industrial application where dust is produced. The dust causes environmental issues or safety issues to humans.


Typical applications are:

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