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Indoor air quality is worse than we realise

Indoor concentrations of pollutants range from 2 to 100 times greater than outdoor concentrations causing unhealthy and unproductive environments.

Poor air quality causes headaches, sinus congestion, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, eye irritation, coughs and sore throats

Our commercial air cleaning equipment can help provide a clean environment. Learn more about our commercial air cleaners that reduce airborne pollutants like tobacco smoke, food odours, dust, bacteria, and pollen.

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Our products

MODEL SE24 - Flush Mount Ceiling Unit

Model SE24

Flush Mount Ceiling Unit
The SE 24 is a compact air cleaning system that fits into a suspended ceiling tile. This unit blends into the ceiling and offers easy access for routine service and maintenance. The SE 24 includes a carbon after-filter and a speed control switch to adjust desired airflow.

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Smokeeter ceiling Model FS LS

Model FS/LS

Concealed Ceiling Systems
FS and LS models are ideal in locations where aesthetics are important because they install above the ceiling, virtually out of sight, with only the supply and return grilles showing. These models operate more quietly than other large-capacity air cleaners and can be easily ducted to multiple rooms.

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Smokeeter Wall Mount SE20 SE40 SE50

Model SE40 SE50

External Mounted Units
The SE 40 and SE 50 clean the air individually or in conjunction with other Smokeeters by creating efficient airflow patterns. Both models offer multiple speed settings and a carbon after-filter for odor control. The SE 40 and SE 50 are ideal for facilities that don't have space above the ceiling.

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How does it work?

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  1. Hazardous particles are drawn into the Smokeeter unit.
  2. The Ionizer electrostatically charges the particles.
  3. The Collection Cell captures charged particles.
  4. The Pre-Filter captures larger airborne particles as they enter the unit.
  5. The activated carbon After-Filter helps control odors.
  6. The clean, fresh air is then re-circulated back into the room.

Ionizer - Electrostatically charges particles

Collection Cell - Captures charged contaminants to rid them from your business’ environment

Pre-filter - Optional layered aluminium mesh screens capture large airborne particles as they enter the unit

After-filter - Optional activated carbon after-filter helps control odors

Indicator Light - Illuminates when unit is working properly and automatically shuts off when components need routine servicing

Multi-Speed Control Switch - Provides variable blower speed adjustments to control noise levels during peak and off-peak business hours


Trade schools

Wood dust, inks, chemicals, welding smoke and paints pose a serious health hazard.​

Resturants & Bars

Smoke, dust and food odours create unhealthy, unpleasant air and leave a negative impact on customers.

Office Environments

Dust, mould, bacteria, viruses, pollens and vapours from furnishings combine to create an unhealthy work environment.

Daycare centres

Because children’s respiratory rates are 10 times higher than the average adult, they are at higher risks to allergies, viruses, cold germs and other airborne contaminants.

Vetervinary Clinic

Poor air quality due to animal dander and odours as well as bacteria and viruses, can harm people and pets.

Photo Labs

Dust, dirt particles and processing chemicals can damage work in progress, reduce productivity and increase employee health risks.

Beauty & hair

Smoke, dust, hair sprays and chemicals cause an especially unhealthy air environment for employees and customers.

Print shops

Fumes and odours from inks and chemicals fill the air. Offset printing powders hamper production and are inhaled by employees.

Nursing homes & health care

The elderly are especially vulnerable to respiratory problems from dust, pollens, moulds, bacteria, food odours, tobacco smoke and cleaning agents.

Dry cleaners

Dirt, dust and lint from clothing cause unhealthy air

Smash Repair

Primer dust, body filler and paint overspray affect work quality and employee health.

Food courts

Smoke, dust and food odours create an unpleasant atmosphere.

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