Industrial Applications

ESP, baghouses, modular systems, replacement filtration, service & maintenance solutions. Get the right advice specific to your application, for high performance and ROI

Commercial kitchens

Managing exhaust systems in kitchens is imperative to workplace safety and OH&S

Abrasive Blasting

Managing contaminants in Abrasive blasting is a must for employee safety, extending machine life, and improved product quality

Cement dust

Dusty environments need quality industrial air filtration to reduce product loss, OH&S and complying with emissions controls

Chemical Processing Control

Chemical mist, fume and dust collection is critical to optimising product quality, avoiding contamination hazards & managing facility safety

CNC Machinging dust

Managing dust, mist, fume and smoke in CNC environments is critical for workplace safety, ensuring product quality and extending machine life

Food processing

There are many processes within food processing which generate contaminants that can be hazardous, requiring a various air pollution control measures. Get the right advice.


Pharmaceutical dust can present unique challenges due to potential impact to workers,  chemical hazards and the high value of materials and avoiding cross contamination, proper filtration solutions are key.

Plasma & Laser cutting

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Plastics Processing

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Collecting welding fumes is critical for worker health and safety, EPA Compliance, extending machine life, avoiding contamination throughout your facility. Various at source solutions are available, mobile and fixed.